Project Management Services
In today's highly competitive world, companies need to find new ways to manage IT projects and control risks and embrace important new initiatives that can give them an edge in the marketplace. The environment for large projects is getting more complex by the day. So, it is extremely important to ensure that the tools and approaches for dealing with risk can move beyond traditional tracking to a more sophisticated and comprehensive approach.

Research says that, with out proper Project Management procedures, there are chances of project failure three out of four times. This is why, effective planning and management form a vital cog in successful systems delivery.

With RisingSun, you can be assured that people who are certified and experienced in Program & Project Management will lead the effort. In addition to this, we have put in a set of well defined management structures in place to effectively manage our client projects from the outset.

At RisingSun, we continually evaluate and identify best-of-the-breed business practices for Successful Program and Project Management: Some of them are:

  • Simple, back-to-the-basics methodology
    • Use intuitive and accepted terminology in order to make communication easier among different teams.
    • Provide different “views“ into the methodology to support the work of IT personnel at various hierarchial levels in an organization, like, designers/developers, project managers as well as executive decision makers.
    • Take inputs from the end users, from the value perspective and convenience perspective.
    • Utilize market-leading methods, procedures and processes.
    • Be willing to adapt the best practices from other industry leading sources.
    • Learn and implement better practices from the previous project implementation experiences.

  • Manage project implementation in a phased manner
    • Group smaller work requests into releases.
    • Carefully determine the scope and schedule of each release and move functionality accordingly.
    • Have formal change request procedures in place for rigorously managing the scope of the project, so that the designers and business users know exactly what to expect.
    • Verify essential system components at an earlier stage of each release.

  • Clearly define the transition points in each release to control workflow and ensure
    • Define the deliverables at each stage of the project so that each team has a clear picture of what they are expected to deliver to the succeding team or what they are expecting from the preceeding team.
    • Manage deliverables at a very detailed level in each phase, so as to avoid extra effort of identifying the missed requirements and finish rework on deliverables within the stipulated time.
    • Update project management with project status periodically so that they can anticipate complications early on and to keep pace with progress of the project.

  • Ensure better colloboration in a distributed work environment
    • If project work involves teams across different time zones, the project management should aim at optimizing multi-site delivery.
    • Release Management, Schedule/Budget Management, Resource Management, Progress Reporting and Problem Management must be utilized so as to help executives and managers minimize cost and optimize quality and timely delivery.

  • Use metrics to track progress
    • Track progress of deliverables, actual results and performance against the project plan.
    • Take remedial action when actual results deviate significantly from the project plan.
    • The measurement program must include properly designed collection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • The metrics developed must be appropriate to the different roles.

  • Engage in Proactive Risk Management
    • Anticipate issues before they arise.
    • Focus on Simplified Processes/Operations, Increased Differentiation and Better Execution.
    • Adopt a customer-centric approach in delivering services/products.

    Let us know your Project Management requirements. A Risingsun associate will evaluate the information you submit and respond to you promptly.

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