Quality Assurance
We offer the following full barrage of QA services to our clients:
  • Developing Testing Strategies, Test plans, Test cases and MS-Project plans
  • Functionality Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • System/Integration Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
  • Non-Functionality Testing
    • Load/Stress Testing
    • Performance Testing

    System Test Plan
    At Risingsun, we have developed rigorous procedures in developing comprehensive system test plans. Our system test plans typically cover the following aspects:

  • Areas to be tested
  • Areas not to be tested
  • Approach to be taken
  • Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Entrance and Exit Criteria
  • Test Deliverables
  • Testing tasks
  • Environment Requirements
  • Contact List
  • Staff and Training needs
  • Schedule
  • Risks, Issues and Contigencies
  • Test Case Identifier
  • Test Data
  • Test case execution summary of results
  • Defect Management
  • Appendix
  • Functionality Testing
    This includes testing the system for new functionality/new features that are being implemented as well as regression testing.

    Regression Testing
    Regression Testing is done to make sure that the existing functionality of the system is not affected with the introduction of new features. Usually the test cases and test plans implemented as part of regression testing do not change. It is imperative that regression testing needs to be performed as part of the test plan, as businesses continuosly enhance their systems to support new functionality. It has sort of a re-assuring role that the basic/main functionality of the system is not affected.

    Integration Testing
    In today's highly complex systems, there are multiple sub-systems that perform specialized operations and depend on eachother. In such environments, it is extremely important to devise proper test cases to make sure the output of one sub-system is in accordance with the input requirements of the next sub-system in the pipe-line. Our clients can leverage our expertize in developing proper integration test plans and strategies in order to thoroughly test the interfaces between multiple sub-systems.

    Performance Testing
    As business grow, the number of transactions flowing through their applications can increase quickly. To be able to support it, the response times of the applications should be quick enough to be in accordance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements). To this end, performance testing of an application assumes significance. The CPU response times for different scenarios need to be tested thoroughly to make sure that applications are scalable with growing number of customers being provisioned by the applications.

    User Acceptance Testing
    UAT is mainly for the business users to make sure that new features coming into the application - are actually implemented the way they originally expected them to be.

    Test Automation
    Automating some testing tasks that are especially repetitive in nature, not only improve the efficiency but also alleviates the manual errors to be introduced in the system. Also, there can be instances where-in it is imperative to test the production-readiness of the application. In such cases, test automation can be extremely helpful. For example, huge number of test customers can be provisioned through test automation - for testing various scenerios. Our test-automation team can either work independently or team-up with our client team to define and/or implement automation testing procedures and custom scripts on an on-demand basis.

    We have an un-wavering focus on Quality. With our rigorous recruitment procedures coupled with world-class training facilities, you can be assured that the quality of our work is evident from day one!!

    Contact us about your QA needs. A Risingsun associate will evaluate the information you submit and respond to you promptly.

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