Why Choose RisingSun?
At RisingSun we firmly believe that "SERVICE DELAYED IS SERVICE DENIED". This is the precise reason why we understand the importance of quickly organizing the types of resources and project teams that we need to move forward. We have a strong commitment to QUALITY. And we have put in place industry-standard procedures to recruit and retain the best talent in the market. Coupled with that, we constantly evaluate our procedures to keep our workforce at the forefront of innovation.

Some of the reasons why RisingSun's consultants have high success rate:

The prospective candidates have to go through a rigorous screening process before they come onboard.
We work with leading institutions to check prior employment history, criminal background and cross-check references.
We constantly request the feedback from our client managers to evaluate the performance of our consultants. Our performance bonuses are completely based on this feedback.
We have put reimbursement programs in place for our consultants to go for certifications in their respective area of expertise, so that, they can maintain their competitiveness in the market.
Our consultants can avail of the in-house training programs to enhance/refresh their skills.
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