The RisingSun Advantage
Our Commitment and Promise...
At RisingSun, we understand the importance of "Job Satisfaction". We strongly believe that if one enjoys the work one is doing, there is more tendency of putting that extra effort to make things work and there by, more chances of success coming ones' way. That's why, our team of recruiters make sincere effort to match your skills and experience with the job requirements that come up almost on a daily basis at our direct clients all over United States. The result: Quality Speaks!! We receive requests from our client managers for extending the contracts for more than 96% of our workforce.

World-class Benefits...

  • For CPT/OPT candidates:
    • We provide accomodation, training and placement assitance.
    • Currently providing training in the following technologies: Oracle DBA, DB2 DBA, Oracle PL/SQL, Unix Scripting, Perl Scripting, Java/J2EE, Business Objects, Informatica, Datastage, C, C++, Pro*C.
    • Training provided by working consultants who have atleast five years of industry experience in their respective line of work.
    • For candidates working on CPT/OPT, we pay $70K as the starting salary for the first 8 months. After 8 months, candidate gets billing rate split of 75:25.
  • For H1B Consultants:
    • We give 75:25 billing ratio from day one of project work.
    • Consultants can avail of our in-house training programs when on project or out of project.
  • General Benefits:
    • W2 or contract employment.
    • We are in excellent standing with INS.
    • H1 visa and Green Card Sponsorship.
    • After two years of project work, consultants are eligible for bench pay for 6 months ($800/month).
    • We have good client base and we actively seek/enhance client relationships, which goes a long way in placing our consultants at our clients. This, along with our quality training programs, are our core strength.
    • The candidates can avail of our in-house training programs when on project or out of project.
    • Dedicated company lawyer to address your concerns. Whether it is H1B Visa, GC sponsorship or anything that is work-related, you directly deal with our corporate lawyer. So you know exactly what is going on! We realize this gives our consultants an extra level of comfort!
    • H1B Visa papers will be promptly given back to you. So, if you not fully comfortable working with Risingsun, you are free to move on!
    • Bi-weekly pay check with auto-deposit option.
    • Full Medical/Dental insurance for the working consultant, spouse and kids, if any. This is negotiable/adjustable with the billing rate/ratio mutually agreed upon by Risingsun and the consultant.
    • We are fully committed to our consultant's career growth. So, each consultant can avail of $1500 training fund (for every 18 months of project work).
    • We make a conscious effort to keep our candidates and clients happy. Period.
    • We give good compensation for on-project consultants who may wish to teach our CPT/OPT candidates and have atleast five years of industry experience.
    • We are still looking into putting together a minimal 401K plan for our on-project consultants.

    Benefits may vary slightly depending on where the consultant is working.

    Whether it is client relationships or Training Programs or for that matter anything that we do here at Risingsun, we are constantly looking to streamline our processes in order to provide better value to our consultants and clients. Talk to a Risingsun Consultant or our client and they will tell you what it is like working with Risingsun!

    Expertise across Industry Verticals...
    RisingSun currently has experienced professionals in the following industry verticals:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Financial Services
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel
  • Utilities
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